Liebster Award: Better Late Than Never


I’ve been meaning to write this post forever. Forever being since April. Jen from Pretty Little Grub nominated me for a Liebster award ages ago and it’s taken me this long to do it. Not because I don’t care, I just wanted the time to do it properly.

What is a Liebster award? It’s just a way for “newish” blogs to gain more followers, get to know other bloggers and get their name out there. Continue reading →

Freaking For Faux Fur


It’s time to fill up my closet (which is actually still mobile now that I think of it)! I’ve quit my job on a boat which means I can increase the size of my wardrobe! I shouldn’t, and probably won’t, because I’m in $aving mode, but the point is… I could.

No more, 1 black practical jacket, 1 pair of classic skinny jeans, a token hoodie and 1 pair of versatile heels. Boring. Continue reading →

The Cinque Terre Part 4: Manarola


Okay… the last post in the Cinque Terre series! Sorry it took me a while, just came off a week charter so once again had no time. Anyways…

After our beach day in Monterosso we went to our own hood for sundowners. Although it’s not as buzzing as Riomaggiore, Vernazza & Monterosso, it’s still got a lot of bars, restaurants and scenery. We hopped off the train, took some pics, then had some Prosecco at the nearest bar. There were quite a few restaurants on “the strip” to choose from, but naaaaah! We were going back to Billy’s! (I’ll get to Billy’s soon). Continue reading →

The Cinque Terre Part 3: Monterosso


On our last day in The Cinque Terre, (we were only there for 2 full days) we had a relaxing day of doing nothing. We took the train to the beach in Monterosso and laid there, and read and went swimming.

It’s exhausting being a tourist and exploring. Flemming and I are always on the same page, so we got all of our exploring out of the way the first day and used the second day for sun and relaxation. Continue reading →

The Cinque Terre Part 2: Vernazza & Corniglia


After we left Riomaggiore via ferry we stopped off in Vernazza. Vernazza dates back to 1028! Can you believe it! In the 1400’s they had major pirate raids, which decreased wine production. Damn pirates! According to Rick Steves, “Vernazza has the only natural harbor in the Cinque Terre. In the Middle Ages, there was no beach or square. The water went right up to the buildings, where boats would tie up, Venetian-style. Vernazza’s fishing fleet is down to just a couple of boats. Still, Vernazzans are more likely to own a boat than a car.” – Yup. There’s no room for cars in this town. Continue reading →

The Cinque Terre Part 1: Riomaggiore


Last weekend my boyfriend and I took a much deserved day off work and explored The Cinque Terre for a long weekend. I’ve been trying to write/post more about travel as part of my not-so- newly expanded blog and Cinque Terre is a great one to start off with! Continue reading →

Workout Woes



Some of you might have seen on Instagram that I posted a pic of my poor legs after I tormented them with exercise even though I hadn’t done any in months. Like 4 months.

From my last few posts, you guys know I’ve been busy, working on a charter yacht blah blah blah, boring. Continue reading →

THC’s Unofficial Book Club: The Book Thief


Pretty sweet setup in the pic up top right?!

You may have already seen it on Insty: It was a few weeks ago in Cannes, France on a random day off. That photo is everything my boyfriend and I like to do when we have time off. Beach, rosé, swim, read & play on our phones. Continue reading →

Lately: A Picture Post

// Pavero Beach – Sardinia //

Once again, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged :( – I promise that is the last time I’ll say that.

If you aren’t up to speed (and want to be) on my current situation and/or want to know where my posts have been, click here and here. Continue reading →

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