The 2nd Squat Challenge Is Over!



I’m so happy the squat challenge is finished!

It’s not because I hate squats, or because I hate working out, or because I’m sick of doing squats, or because I didn’t even lose 1 millimetre this time around… I don’t hate any of these things.

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Weekend Link Love


Guess what? I still don’t have my phone. It was supposed to be here on Friday but now they’re saying Monday. That’s Italian time for you!

I’m obsessed. It’s all I talk about and all I think about. Isn’t that sad? It’s really hard doing a “phone cleanse” when you didn’t even want to do one in the first place.

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Melatonin For Jetlag


I am so amazed that when I crossed over to this side of the pond, I didn’t have jetlag at all!

Do you know why? A beautiful thing called melatonin. I already wrote about it once when I did a little sleep experiment, but I just have to tell you again that it really saved my life coming to this new job.

Jetlag has got to be up there among the worst things ever. It’s ruined many a trip for people all around the world, I’m sure. It makes us tired, dizzy, disoriented and feel just generally lousy. Ew. I hate hate hate it. Continue reading →

Weekend Link Love


How is everyone’s weekend going?

This week at work was a busy one and I think all the ones from here on out will be as well.

Some good news: I’ll be at the Monaco Grand Prix again this year, which is a busy exciting time. Not for the actual car race, just the buzz and boat parties (that I work, not attend) are pretty cool to be around for a few days.

Anyways here are my fave links from this week!

1. 100 trips you must take in your lifetime! Well, sure! Just give me a chill mill ($) & an extra 30 years on my life! Done!  Continue reading →

Exercise Is Kinda The Bomb


Exercise really is the bomb isn’t it?

The last week on the boat has been great, but I felt like I was on the road to a total freakout, and I think it’s because I can’t exercise as much. All the sudden the other night I was in a bad mood, had a bad attitude, and cursed a chair because it was in my way – seriously childish stuff. Continue reading →

Bike Bragging & Squats


How are your butt and thighs doing? As you can see in the pic above, I’m fitting these squats in whenever and where ever I can. Even if I’m in a skirt on a boat with the sun in my eyes…

Are you guys sore? Do you think it’s easy so far? Hard? Tell me. I’m still ok with them at the moment but I think next week I’ll probably be dying. Continue reading →

Weekend Link Love


Hey guys! How’s it going? Is everyone having a good weekend? It’s my first weekend in Italy and I’m about to go buy a bike and I’m really excited.

I know my book club is unofficial, but I forgot to tell everyone that I was going to start reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I’m less than halfway through, and it’s so good! Can’t wait to post about it.

Anyways here are my fave links from this week: Continue reading →

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