At Home Hiit Barre Workout


Barre is all the rage right now isn’t it? Classes are just too $$$ for me to rationalize. Also, I’m a big fan of working out at home. You might already know this if you read this post, this post and this post.

Last week I did a Tone It Up Beach Barre video & loved it. So many people take time to post really great workouts on YouTube so I’m here to do them!

I stumbled on this workout by Barre Bee Fit while scanning my Bloglovin’ feed. I noticed a lot of the moves are similar to Insanity’s so I gave it a go this morning.

13 MINUTES! That’s all it took! I was sweating and feelin’ it after 2. This is quick but definitely not easy.

Before getting started, take a good look at the pics & read through the moves. I scribbled all the moves down so that I wouldn’t have to waste any seconds moving through the slides on my computer.

I made a little cheat sheet so feel free to print it off or use it on your computer or tablet for your workout!


Put you’re phone on the stopwatch function and do every move for 30 seconds. You’re going to do the moves in each interval 2 times, then the barre move underneath it, once. { for interval 2 I used 3 lb weights for all the moves }


– plank to frog squats for 30 seconds

– oblique mtn. climbers for 30 seconds

– hold plank for 30 seconds

– REPEAT ABOVE (frog, mtn climbers, plank hold)

– do barre move 1 for 30 seconds each, ONE TIME, and continue on in the same way with intervals 2 & 3 and their corresponding barre moves.

No breaks! It took 13 minutes! That’s it. I was actually going to do this whole thing twice & was getting started on the froggies but the phone rang & I had to take it. Talk about saved by the bell! After the call I went on the bike & only lasted 10 mins. I was kinda shocked how worked I felt. That’s a good thing!

It would be awesome if there were pics of the barre moves in the post but there aren’t. Everything is pretty straight forward but just for fun: a relevé is basically standing on the balls of your feet {in interval 1 keep your feet together (parallel) & in interval 2 keep your heels together & toes apart}. A plié, for this workout, is just a wide stance squat.

I’ve searched high & low to find out what “wrap knees back” means and I have no idea? I assume it means pulse your knees back to work the booty? Please share in the comments if you know.

A good sweaty workout in 13 minutes? DOWN! Just remember to give those 13 minutes all you got.

PS. The length of this post makes this tiny 13 minute workout seem way more complicated than it is. :)

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  1. Melanie grace says:

    Just did this. Just sweating ma tats off. I could only do 7 min on my elliptical before falling off. Really great! Love it. Thank girl! Xo

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