Bloglovin. Ever heard of it?


Bloglovin is your one-stop-blog-shop. All you have to do is go to, register with your email address, create a password and you’re done!

You can search for your favourite blogs (or type the full address in), hit the follow button once you find them, and then every future post will come up in one single newsfeed. Don’t have any favourite blogs? No biggie. Utilize bloglovin’s “top blogs” section or just choose a “category” that interests you.

It’s so much better than bookmarking sites, or trying to remember your daily reads. This way, you only need to remember one…. Bloglovin!

I follow quite a few blogs, so I love how I can just scroll through, scan the summaries for a title that catches my eye, or pick one blog to read in the sidebar on the right. Sometimes I log in every day, some times once a week. It keeps things really organized so you know you won’t miss a thing, and you can save “liked” posts for future reference.

What’s that you say??? Oh, you’re wondering how you can follow THC on bloglovin? That would make my day!

You can do so by clicking this button at the top of my right sidebar, or below right here!


I recently gave THC’s Pinterest a bit of a makeover as well. Before I had one board with all of The Healthy Collective’s post, but now I’ve categorized everything a bit better. Click here to follow!

Thanks for reading!

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