Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand review

This Cap Barbell Power rack exercise stand is a great product to kick start your strength training program. This product is more than your average squat stand. It is more accurately a half-rack or half power rack since it comes with a pull-up bar, so you can really go to work on your lats and back as well. Over the course of it’s rich and long 25-year history in fitness, CAP Barbell has become a leading name in the fitness industry with over 600 products in over 10 categories.

The design of this power rack is innovative, and it offers a complete body workout. You get to exercise each and every major muscle of your body and that too right in the comforts of your house. The frame is built using high quality, durable steel to provide additional strength and stability. The adjustable pins and safety catches are also made from equally high-grade materials to ensure user safety and protect barbell damage. The entire structure can be adjusted to accommodate the user’s preferences and weight loads. You  can be rest assured that you will reap the maximum from your workouts with this latest CAP product.

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Number of exercises

This versatile power rack offers you a host of various exercises. Unlike, the conventional squat rack, where users are restricted to performing a handful of exercises, this CAP Power rack puts much more on the table. The pull-up bar is stable and allows users to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, muscle-ups, various hanging leg raises as well as a variety of exercises using stretch cords as seen in the picture above. The frame is open and broad enough to support training with a bench, so users can focus on different chest training exercises as well.


  • Assembled specs (D x W x H) 46-Inch x50-Inch x85-Inch
  • The unit allows for a variety of heavy lifts (squats, deadlifts, military press, bench press)  as well as resistance training (with pull-ups, chin-ups etc).
  • A pull-up bar made from high-grade tubular steel which is fully welded to mounting plates for reinforced support.
  • Steel construction comprised of 12 and 14 steel gauge thickness. The structure uprights are double gusseted to reinforce stability and durability.
  • High-quality Bar catches to assist while performing squats, dead lifts, curls, etc.
  • The stand uprights are accommodated for 30 different positions which allow for a variety of exercises and movements.
  • 3 step powder coat finish for exceptional durability
  • Storage posts on the back of the unit allow for easy and convenient storage of weights.

This product has it all and comes at a very economical price. Users have access to a wide range of exercises and can be confident in performing them without having to worry about safety and damage to expensive equipment. This power rack is smaller and lighter than most conventional racks which makes it easier to move and store.

Customer Review 

Amazon has awarded this product with a strong 4 out 5 stars. It has received over 150 reviews, the majority of which speak volumes about the best aspects of this power rack. I highly recommend it.


This power rack has few drawbacks. However, it is worth mentioning that it can only support close to 300lbs of weight. Also, it is not foldable and can take up quite a bit of room.



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