I Love Squats


{UPDATE: Join in on the 2nd squat challenge starting March 11 2014!}

A friend posted a 30 day squat challenge on Instagram last night and asked who was with her. I’ve seen what squats and lunges has done to my lower half from doing the Daisy Duke workout so I’m in!

I woke up this morning and busted out the 50 squats that Day 1 called for. It was easy but I know that won’t last long.

By doing squats, you’re working your entire lower body and your biggest muscles which means you’re burning big-time calories! Apparently if you add in jumping jacks and lunges you get a trifecta of butt sculpting power.

Take a before picture so after the 30 days you can see your results… That’s what I did!

I foresee this challenge going a lot better than the yoga challenge.

Are you gonna do it too?

—>> Make sure you do them properly<<—

Check out the results here!

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  1. sepideh says:

    My question is, these numbers of rep shouldbe nonstop? I mean in doing 200 squats, starting from 1 going to 200 with no resting time or we must do overall 200 rep during perhaps 8 hours, breaking them into more bareable chunks?
    Thank you

  2. Sylvia Mayorga says:

    okay I’m in…but do I change my eating habits? eat a little healthier? what am i doing?I’m trying to squat but do I add anything else for that?please help…

    • Hilary says:

      Sure! Try and eat a little healthier while you’re doing this! Why not??? Last time I did it, I didn’t really change anything and lost half a inch off my butt! I try to eat quite well all the time though! Good luck Sylvia, let me know if you have any more questions! :)

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