Laughing Is…


….The best thing ever! You know who has been giving me some major lolz lately?

Jimmy Fallon. I never watched Late Night but always watched a reoccurring skit he did called 7th Floor West which made fun of The Hills and Laguna Beach (which I obvs loved). It’s a few years old, so :( I can’t find any on Youtube or his site to link to.

I taped his final week’s episodes before moving to The Tonight Show. They were compilations of all the best moments on Late Night and they had me in stitches.

Seriously, they were so funny, that I kinda feel bad for you if you didn’t see them! Sorry?

Last night I went to my sister’s house and we watched his 2nd Tonight Show. After we bitched about the annoyances of our days (to which someone would definitely say “first world problems” and to which Ilana from Broad City would reply “I’m allowed to have problems even though I’m white”) we took a deep breath, poured a glass of wine and pressed play.

It was the best. Laughing just makes you feel so good and, for real, it turns a frown upside down. And comedies on TV can deliver it so easily! I left my sister’s feeling totally rejuvenated and happy and sang at the top of my lungs on the drive home.


So why is laughter the best medicine? (source)

+ It releases endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers).

+ 1 emotion at a time. If you’re laughing, you can’t also feel sad or angry in that very moment.

+ It can stimulate your organs because it increases your oxygen intake.

+ It dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to flow better.

+ It releases your anti-viral & anti-tumor defences.

+ It works your abs & burns a few cals!

But most importantly, it’s just really fun!

What makes you laugh?

Has anyone ever tried laughing yoga? Ya, it exists!

PS. The picture up top of my friend & I was taken by my sister about 5 years ago. Neither of us are blonde anymore, but we still laugh that hard all the time!

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