Melatonin For Jetlag


I am so amazed that when I crossed over to this side of the pond, I didn’t have jetlag at all!

Do you know why? A beautiful thing called melatonin. I already wrote about it once when I did a little sleep experiment, but I just have to tell you again that it really saved my life coming to this new job.

Jetlag has got to be up there among the worst things ever. It’s ruined many a trip for people all around the world, I’m sure. It makes us tired, dizzy, disoriented and feel just generally lousy. Ew. I hate hate hate it.

It seems whenever I fly home (west), I fall asleep just fine but wake up mega early which is totally cool with me. I actually like it. It’s coming east that really effs me up and not being able to fall asleep sends me into a tizzy.

So a couple weeks ago when I arrived in Italy, I took a 3 mg melatonin every night for 4 nights. I think I had trouble falling asleep once and I felt a little lull around 2pm but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I think it was key in arriving and then getting straight into busy work days.

As I said in one of my previous posts:

Melatonin is not something I want to get in the habit of taking. I think this might be better for jet lag and of course is a much better option than a chemical-packed sleeping pill. Again, the more you read, the more opinions you’re informed of. Apparently melatonin only works if you aren’t producing enough of your own and doesn’t work if your sleep problem is derived from stress and anxiety. I’m sure that was my problem so I’m not sure what to believe. Is it a placebo effect? Was I at ease because I took something, so all I had to do was lay there? I think I’m the type of person who wouldn’t let hypnotism work on me, and I feel the same about the placebo effect. Maybe I’m wrong because I’ve also read both melatonin and Valerian root need to build up in your system. From my experience, I disagree.

I also believe that these supplements, even though they’re natural, are best kept as a last resort. Exercise, a healthy amount of time spent outdoors, good stress management (whatever that is!) and a wholesome diet are the first steps to a better nights sleep before any kind of aid. As with anything, do your research to see if something is right for you. These are not supplements I plan to take on a long-term basis.

Ya, I mean I’m not promoting this as an everyday thing. Again, it’s not something to get into a habit of taking, it’s just a lot better than a heavy sleeping pill. And it worked for me! Which has me very curious as to why it didn’t work for my boyfriend. He’s telling me it took him 3 weeks to adjust even with taking melatonin.

What do you guys think? Has melatonin worked for you? Has it ever not worked?

PS. I had to reuse a picture because I lost my phone, remember? No camera :(

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