Squat Challenge Results!


{UPDATE: Join in on the 2nd squat challenge starting March 11!}

I’m so happy I’m finished the squat challenge. OMG. I want to scream “I’m never doing another squat again!” as I collapse on the ground in an over dramatic faint. But I won’t. I really truly do love squats (& lunges) and I’ve see what they can do with my very own eyes. I will never stop doing them.

Since starting this squat challenge, I’ve lost half an inch off my butt! Honestly I was really shocked when I measured. I thought for sure I’d remained the same or maybe gained half an inch. Partly because of the squats and partly because I’ve been eating more than usual – good food, but still… The whole time I kept up with my regular exercise and just added on the squat challenge for fun (fun?) – I considered it as “extra”. I really didn’t believe my tape measure so I measured every single part of my ass and sure enough… I lost half an inch!

So guess which of the butts above is mine? Hint: It doesn’t look much different from this one.

Yes, the bottom right! Well done!

I used the same pic because after taking a few snaps I noticed that my booty looks exactly the same. The important thing here is the measurement!

I really really hoped I would get some before and after pics from people who said they were participating but I didn’t. Which is fine, I totally get it. From this 30 days, maybe before and after pics don’t do the results justice. Besides, I don’t know if I’d send my ass pics to a total stranger to post on their blog. Regardless, I’m super duper happy with the results and I hope that everyone who has, is or plans on doing the squat challenge will see the same results I’ve seen.

I have a pair of “skinny” jeans in my closet back in Canada, and I’m hoping when I get there in 3 weeks they’re gonna fit. If they do, squats will be my hero!

And there you have it mes amis… The end of my squat challenge! Part of me wants to say “now let’s do it every other month and throw in the ab challenge!” but I’m just gonna take it easy on the challenges until January! I miss doing a normal amount of squats with weights at the gym.

How is your squat challenge going? Have you started? Do you plan on it? Or are squats for the birds?


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    • Hilary says:

      Good for you! It gets hard but stick with it! Whenever I didn’t want to do them I just told myself “it only takes a few minutes, just do it” – Happy squatting Emily!

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