The 2nd Squat Challenge Is Over!



I’m so happy the squat challenge is finished!

It’s not because I hate squats, or because I hate working out, or because I’m sick of doing squats, or because I didn’t even lose 1 millimetre this time around… I don’t hate any of these things.

I’m happy it’s over because of “having” to do something every day. I know… That makes me sound so lazy. I’m totally not… It’s just that…

Work is so busy right now, I’m excited to finish the day (at night) and just go for a chill jog to get some fresh air or ride the bike and do some weights in the engine room. You know just free-style my workouts again and do whatever I feel like!

Oh? Didn’t I tell you?

My new gym is an engine room. It has one stationary bike, dumbbells, 2 yoga mats, some resistance bands, an exercise ball and a killer sound system. Oh and the membership is free.

If you want to check it out, just look at the pic below. Now that’s what I call Making It Happen.


At first it felt cramped but it’s actually pretty rad. We are so lucky that the last yacht crew left all their gym equipment down there for us to use. Right now it’s only me and my co-worker new BFF, Jasmine who use it so it’s actually quite roomy!

Anyways I need EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to write in the comments and tell me about your squat challenge experience. Would you do another one? Do you notice a difference in your legs and butt? Did you lose any inches?

I didn’t lose anything around my butt or thighs but I’m feeling strong and toned and that’s the way I like it!

Ok tell me stuff..!

{UPDATE: So the squat challenge ended on Thursday, I measure myself didn’t lose a millimeter… Then I measured myself first thing on Friday morning and I lost 3/4 of an inch?! Yay!}

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  1. Denise says:

    So happy to be done! Don’t get me wrong I’m very glad that I took on the challenge. My measurements have not changed but I feel much stronger and my nagging piriformis has stopped nagging! Looking forward to changing up my workout ,before starting my next challenge!

  2. Alicia says:

    I just started! I am on day 4 rest day. I seriously had NO idea how I am going to be able to do over 100. Craziness! In your opinion was it worth it ?

    • Hilary says:

      Yes totally worth it! And you will be able to do over 100! I can really see a difference now that I haven’t been doing them!

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