Weekend Link Love


All of us in the Vancouver area have woken up to snow today. I have very mixed feelings about it. It’s pretty & so cozy that I may even start a new book, but all I did yesterday was dream of the sun tanning my pale ass skin. If you’re not down with the snow, DO NOT read blogs or look at pics of people in LA right now. Just don’t.

Anyways here are some of my fave links from the last week:

1. I already told you how much I’ve been loving JF & how awesome laughing is. Here and here.

2. How to care for air plants – I just like this for the idea of air plants.

3. Everything you need to know about pilates & yoga! I’m team Pilates.

4. DIY citrus cleaning spray.

5. Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update replacement. How do you think he’ll do?

6. I love this idea. Food spoilage is a big pet peeve of mine. Do you know I’ve never made a green smoothie?!

7. Tips for preventing winter weight gain… A little late, but I’ll take it!

And of course, Kama Fitness’s Q&A sesh with me! Still can’t believe I got asked! Karen will be answering some questions for THC soon so stay tuned!

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