Weekend Link Love


Guess what? I still don’t have my phone. It was supposed to be here on Friday but now they’re saying Monday. That’s Italian time for you!

I’m obsessed. It’s all I talk about and all I think about. Isn’t that sad? It’s really hard doing a “phone cleanse” when you didn’t even want to do one in the first place.

Anyways, here are my fave links this week…

1. // I imagine self-tanners as poison, but I cannot go to the beach without having some sort of a base on my pasty self. Does anyone know of a brown sugar type one for use at home? You know, like the new non-toxic spray ones you can get a spas?

2. // This guy has eaten only cheese pizza for 25 years and says he is healthy and slender besides having diabetes. Sorry? GROSS.

3. // Tips for online shopping.

4. // Good thing I kinda knew all of this already! LOL. Well, all the gross stuff about pillow, blankets & water. Not because I actually knew, because I’m a freak who thinks about that kind of stuff…. ALL THE TIME.

5. // Cool iPhone tricks!

6. // TSOH’s post on how to deal with a broken heart, the healthy way!

7. // We’ve been watching this on repeat on the boat. It’s just too cool & amazing!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! (Remember to do your squats!)

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